Annual Review of Political Science (2005, Vol 8)

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Citizenship and civic engagement

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Professor of Political Science and Law, Temple University

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Why Major in Political Science?

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Jonas Pontusson - Département de science politique et relations internationales - UNIGE

Sheldon and A. Statham , Symbolic Interaction and Role Theory. Dyson and B. Abstract: Hydraulic jump is frequently used for dissipation excess energy downstream of hydraulic structure. This abundance energy, whenever left unchecked, will have unfavorable impact on the banks and downstream of the channel bed.

In this paper hydraulic jump characteristics are experimentally evaluated and empirical correlations for depth ratio and relative height are produced in sloping channel by adopting the impact of both strategy Froude number and approaching Reynolds number and neglecting the frictional effect.

The developed empirical correlations are validated using Gandhi data. The present correlation of jump characteristics gives better agreement with experimental data and can be used for preliminary design. Keywords: hydraulic jump, Froude number, Reynolds number, energy dissipation etc. Abstract: A novel method for Electroencephalography EEG based emotion analysis using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix1 GLCM features contrast, correlation, energy, and homogeneity has been discussed with peripheral physiological signals.

The proposed novel method discussed the effect of distances, and direction on GLCM features for different emotions.


This paper concluded that GLCM features are an effective measure to discriminate the emotions and give significant knowledge for each emotion. The proposed novel methodology can be used as a tool for emotion analysis and it can also be useful for observing brain lobe variation globally. Abstract: Aging society leads to more demands on health care system. The study shows that cardiovascular diseases are the most common and threatening diseases to the elderly. Moreover, more and more elderly live alone recently.

Therefore, a total solution for elderly home care leads the way. In this study, we develop smart clothes to record three lead electrocardiography ECG. Our system consists of 1 the conductive fiber clothes with four electrodes to acquire physiological signals, 2 a gateway to digitize, process and upload raw data to the server, and 3 the service server to analyze data and make a health profile.

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The system had been applied to the elderly community to evaluate performance. The experiment results show the average accuracy of ECG data is Abstract: Brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. The working of this organ decides the human being work and his life to success. In order to lead the good life, one should have the brain and its related parts under good condition, i.

The presence of cyst in the brain is one of the important issues to be considered and identification of such cyst in good time is very important for the health of a human being.

Stephen Fisher

If the cyst is not identified in appropriate times, the brain will be suffered with serious issues and it may lead to the loss of the human being. A new algorithm was also proposed to find the presence of cyst in the brain with more accurate performance. The performance of the current model was verified with two sets of scan images and the results are displayed in the result section.

Abstract: Dynamic analysis of proposed single switch ac-dc buck-boost buck converter is presented in this paper. The proposed converter is an integrated converter contains two inductors, one is at input side and other one is at output side. To achieve unity power factor at input terminals, the input inductor is designed for discontinuous mode DCM. This condition will eliminate extra control technique for power factor correction PFC. The output side inductor is operated in DCM to reduce the bus capacitor voltage, thereby reducing the capacitance size.

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  8. A PI controller is designed to regulate the pulses for the converter. The analysis has been done for three different cases variable frequency, variable input and variable load to verify the converter performance. Abstract: Affix-free codes are widely used in multimedia communications because of its error tolerance capbility.

    In literature, there are many construction algorithms available for RVLCs. But unlike Variable Length Codes VLCs , RVLCs lack in the area of its mathematical development in the form of lower bound or upper bound on average codeword length, bounds on existence, and related Theorems. Only few mathematicians have done some work on this. In , Richa and Radhika have proposed and discussed the necessary and sufficient condition on the number of codewords for a particular bit length vector required for the existence of symmetrical RVLCs.

    This paper is an extension of the earlier published paper on the similar ground, but for asymmetrical RVLCs.