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Thick, smooth, and beautiful, it beats the pants off traditional cardboard sleeves, and I am proud to say that Equation seems to do this with all of their releases. Then there's the actual press sheet something I get surprisingly little of from labels. It's not only well-organized and high-quality, but also very informative and doesn't just ramble on about nothing that wouldn't help the reviewer out. Journalists appreciate this little piece of paper more than most people would ever realize. Then there's a special printed piece of paper explaining Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, as well as the hand-numbered unit in which your copy is.

Even the catalogue sheet is unique in style and shape. To me though, the thing that put this release over the top was the explanation in the reason behind "spurious characters and typographical errors found in the small essay and lyrics on the inside-right panel of the gatefold sleeve". This explanation is printed on high quality glossy paper, and not only makes you aware of the problem before you find it yourself, but also states the corrections on the back of the paper.

Most labels would just not give a shit at this point and let it go and hope no one really notices or cares. But Equation Records is dedicated to a higher quality of release.

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Only copies exist of this beautiful piece of work because of costs, which bothers me because such a great label should be getting more business then it obviously is getting. I am also pleased to say that I have received one of only seven promotional copies of this album. So I think that I can say with some certainty that the admiration is mutual. Having a paragraph that massive about just the label and the production quality of the packaging should tell you that the music itself is nearly flawless and incredible, but this is untrue.

The music is not nearly flawless. It IS flawless. This is, without a doubt, even while staring directly into the face of competitors and even inventors of the genre like Earth and Sunn O , the best drone doom release ever to see the light of day as of PM EST one April 20, While this release first saw the light of day in as a CD-R release, the music finds itself at its best via the vinyl medium.

This was the first in what was to be a collage of absolutely brilliant records by Nadja as their previous albums weren't too overwhelmingly spectacular , but none of their future recordings ever matched the grace or overbearing bleakness that derived from Bodycage. Bodycage is an absolutely crushing release, built around a desperate melancholy that to this day is unmatched by any band that attempts to steal the throne away from Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff.

Bodycage is about more than just music, more than just about emotion.

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This album is a man's soul bled into drops of vinyl. Each of these copies of the LP represents a piece of Aidan's darkness, of the realm in his mind and heart that no one can see but him. With Bodycage, he successfully did what so many other emotional artists could only attempt to do in their long careers as musicians: he literally became the music in which he was seeking to create. And what lays before you now is one of the most fantastic works of art to ever grace this planet.

My Body Is A Cage - House M.D.

As a journalist, I feel almost unworthy to review this album because I just cannot put into words how GOOD this music really is nor how it has touched my soul in a way that I may never in fact comprehend. Bodycage for me was an experience into myself, into Aidan, and back into reality. If you are an intelligent human being, and you have ever liked any form of dark slow music, you should immediately go to Equation Records website, and not only buy but demand this release be repressed when all copies are gone.

The world deserves to hear this album on vinyl and a mere copies, I assume, would never be enough to satisfy the insatiable hunger that will hopefully hit because of reviews like this one.

Shock Me Bodycage

So far, this is my album of the year It's only April, but I don't see much topping this one. It's time to support truly fantastic music, its time to support labels who actually give a shit about the product in which they put out to the masses.

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Buy this album and support the underground as these two actually deserve your hard-earned money, because if you go and download this release, so help me god, you deserve have your skin ripped off and be forced to roll around in salt for all eternity. Do not steal this beautiful piece of art.

It's easy to see why though.

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Baker's sonic explorations are as mesmerizing as they are ominous. A truly unique musical voice in a suddenly way too crowded microniche. Call it doom. Or drone. Or dirge. Or better yet deathdoomdronedirge. It's a sound we can't get enough of, the logical extension of our obsession with the drone. And while we still love to drift off to the soft shimmer of a distant rumble, when you imbue a drone with more power, and more volume, and more wattage it becomes something new, a fearsome sonic beast, whether it's a subtly snarling growl of grit and grime, or a massive undulating wave of black hole fury, a drone possessed of power becomes a glorious thing to behold.

And no one has as deft a hand with the drone than Baker, And Nadja is the ultimate drone via rock band. Beyond the ultra minimalism of Sunn 0 , way prettier than the filthy dirges of Moss or Monarch, Nadja are almost like some indie slowcore band but lit from within by some otherworldy source. Every track is suffused with a warm rich glow that is almost blinding, but at the same time warm and inviting. It's heavy, sure, but it's more just plain beautiful. Like staring into the sun until your eyes start playing tricks on you.

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Imagine listening to a sound so loud, so bright, that the synapses in your brain misfire, and your ear scrambles to make sense of this sound, and in doing so, forges all kinds of unlikely connections, subtle melodic threads, paints a lush sonic portrait. Now imagine a music that was played to already sound like that, before it even got to you.

Just imagine what your mind and your ears would do with a sound like that.