Elementary Particle Physics

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Welcome to the Birmingham Particle Physics Group homepage. We are the largest research group within the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham , studying collisions produced by particle accelerators to determine the ultimate structure of matter and the forces of nature. You can find lots more information on who we are and our wide range of activities and opportunities from the menu on the left and news-feed on the right. Our group has a long history, dating back to the bubble chamber era and more recently including the W and Z boson discoveries at the UA1 experiment, precision measurements in the electroweak sector at OPAL and detailed mapping of the proton structure at H1.

Mod-07 Lec-18 Elementary Particles - Introduction and Overview

To address these questions, particle physicists seek to isolate, create, and identify elementary interactions of the most basic constituents of the universe. One approach is to create a beam of elementary particles in an accelerator and to study the behavior of those particles—for instance, when they impinge upon a piece of material or when they collide with another beam of particles.

Particle physics

Other experiments exploit naturally occurring particles, including those created in the sun or resulting from cosmic rays striking the earth's atmosphere. Some experiments involve studying ordinary materials in large quantities to discern rare phenomena or search for as-yet-unseen phenomena.

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  5. All of these experiments rely on sophisticated detectors that employ a range of advanced technologies to measure and record particle properties. Particle physicists also use results from ground- and space-based telescopes to study the elementary particles and the forces that govern their interactions.

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