Inventing American History (Boston Review Books)

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It crushes, in the vast majority of cases, all initiative and power of independent rational thinking. The chapter chronicled several initiatives to provide working-class women with access to education, either as a liberal arts respite from factory work or as knowledge to be directly applied to labour organizing. As a woman and someone who studies workforce issues, this chapter spoke to me much more about experiences of the working class than it did about my experiences as a woman. The chapter was about women, but seemed like it could have been about men.

The text is peppered with photographs, cartoons, and other images that visually represent the evolution of the egghead. I believe many readers will enjoy this book, if they are interested in American history and culture, science and technology, or issues of social class.

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Perhaps the most practical value of the book for those with an interest in public policy is the insight it offers into American attitudes toward technocratic solutions. We distrust the ivory tower, the elite, the intellectual—the egghead—and we always have. The book also suggests the possibility of gaining broad support for technical solutions to the enduring problems of our current economic recovery through populist appeals in non-traditional venues. Her research interests focus on the scientific workforce. Before pursuing her doctorate, she worked for IBM in human resources.

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Inventing American History (Boston Review Books)

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