Metal fatigue : what it is, why it matters

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That for which they would criticize him damns them MORE, but they have the gall to run the ads ad nauseum. Because they have enormous faith in the fatigue factors of ad campaigns like that. It works to a greater or lesser degree every election.

What It Is, Why It Matters

They think we will wear down, too. And become frustrated. And lose focus. And lose our cool, and turn on each other, and chase away our voters with our negative energy and hostility. That's how the fatigue phenomenon works, in our acutely political world.

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Will we let ourselves become purely reactive? Will we resist the fatigue effects and make the case for effective government that needs to be made in this country?

Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue (1985)

On to tonight's comments! Most graciously formatted and collated by our own brillig! Thank you, my friend!

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Share this article. Wikipedia defines it thus: Metal fatigue is the progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loadings.

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Many of us have direct experience with this, when, as children, with our curiosity, we bent a piece of already soft metal until it broke from fatigue effects. It is easily tested, even a paper clip will fail fairly quickly when bent back and forth a few times. Be careful! Sometimes bending metal until it breaks makes it quite hot! Show all. Table of contents 9 chapters Table of contents 9 chapters Introduction Pages Historical Background Pages Constant Amplitude Fatigue Pages Variable Amplitude and Multiaxial Fatigue Pages Fatigue Design Pages The Uncracked Situation Pages The Cracked Situation Pages Fatigue Crack Paths Pages The book assumes no prior knowledge of metal fatigue, requiring only a basic understanding of stress analysis and mathematics covered in engineering undergraduate courses.

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