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Please keep writing! I hope we can look forward to another book soon. Again, thank you for the work you do. You may be surprised that I am a 36 year old female.

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My favorite was the end battle in the Pagan Lord. One question—have the seven kings died as indicated in the prophecy or is that yet to come. Thanks again and may Uhtred ride again! I hope this is not too premature, but with Lord Uhtred winding into old age will the series continue through his son s? Thank you for all the joy and education you have given to me over the years.

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Thank you again. I'm a big fan of your books about Uhtred an the making of England. The last 2 months I did read all eleven books and I was very disappointed as I finished book 11 yesterday. When will the 12th book be released? I just finished War of the Wolves and it was great as all Uhtred books have been. I love this story and I have followed The Last Kingdom as well. Eagerly awaiting the next book. Thank you for writing these books that are entertaining and educational as well.

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Just loved War of the Wolf. I did think it would be last in series. So thrilled that there will be another book? My partner Louise is very smug with the fact that she hails from Amble, on the coastline opposite Coquet Island Cocuedes , and therefore is a proud Northumbrian sworn to Uhtred of Bebbanburg himself or Alexander Dreymon most likely. If Uhtred was to swing by, what would he make of the place?

Are the lands of South Yorkshire historically Northumbrian and therefore his kinsmen, or would he find Mercians or even a place overrun with Norsemen?

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  • That said, a much more interesting place in the area for a potential cameo in your next book is a place called Dore in the posh part of Sheffield. Seems the kind of place Uhtred would detest, and the Wessexians in his life would love. It was probably settled by Danes.

    And Dore? Hang onto her! I've devoured all the book in the Saxon Tales saga, and feel I've lived through Uhted's life alongside him the the shield wall. Then it occurred to me, "Why not visit other important sites of Uhtred's life? Do you have such a 'tour' or have you ever recommended such an itinerary to your readers? I think it'd be a fascinating vacation. Any ideas, Bernard? Bamburgh is one of the amazing castles in Northumberland and well worth a visit! I picked up a copy of Lords of the North before starting a 12 hour coach journey to visit friends in The Netherlands.

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    I was almost rude to them to be ignoring them in order to finish it. Since then I've read almost all the fiction you've written and enjoyed it. I even have copies of much of your work as audio books which I listen to when I am working. I am curious.. The one he snatched from around the neck of a Danish boy who tried to bully him while he worked on Ragnar the Fearless' boats?

    Through each book you mention this same amulet, and it seems to change composition. I have made a Sim in Second life and named it The Last Kingdom and I am basing it loosely on the books, I say loosely as I do not want the arguments that this was not in the books like the Sims based on the Gor series by John Norman.

    I would like your approval to do this as I am taking your books onto the Virtual reality level, I play Uhtred and would like your permission, failing this I will rename and base it on 10th century Wessex but having read all the books and everything you have written, I have found you to be a great source of history in a period that is hard to define. All the best to you and please, please lets hear more about Uhtred,.

    I shall have to visit Second Life!!! And see your sim, whatever that is! Sometimes I just catch details that intrigue me. When Aethelwold invites Uhtred to have a drink and see that he Aethelwold is four by six, is that a use of historical slang? Perhaps referring to the square corner 4x5x6? Or something else? I have two questions regarding your treatment of lawyers.

    In almost every one of your books - all the series and stand-alones - you have a villain who is either clergy, a lawyer, or both. However, you often tend to balance out a clergy-villain with another character who is a "good" clergyman. So, my questions are:. I regard this as a challenge!

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    I love the Saxon Stories, but would like to check something with you. According to Uhtred's wiki page never wrong! This means at the battle of Brunaburh he will be eighty!! Surely this is a little old even for Uhtred no NHS remember. Firstly, thank you for your writing which enthralls me and brings me so much pleasure. I have just started to reread book 1 - The Last Kingdom, and noticed that it states that the year Uhtred's father was killed was and that Uhtred thinks his is 9 or 10 years old.

    So he would have been born in ? The Battle of Brunanburh was in so Uhtred would be 80 by that time. My question is, will Uhtred really still be fighting? I have been reading your books for a good 20 years now and have loved each and everyone The warlord trilogy being my absolute favourites!


    I am enjoying following Uhtreds journey on both paper and film, particularly David Dawson's Alfred It fuels hope that maybe the Warlord chronicles will get a debut via the colossus that is Netflix A dead ringer for the Sharpe described in the books I envisage the Skull Gate as being the present main entrance to the castle, i. That, at least, is unchanged! In response to one comment regarding Uhtred, you said, "I suspect the love of his life was Gisela, with Aethelflaed coming in a close second!

    I'm heartened to think "he still hasn't finished" because I'd really like to see Uhtred find another "true love.

    As far as I recall, Uhtred is still married to the lovely red-headed Eadith in book Is there any possibility she will become more prominent as a character? I'd like to think, considering Uhtred's age at this point in the story, that he wakes up one morning, takes a look at her, slaps his forehead and thinks, "Eadith really is the bee's knees! I'm not crazy about him experiencing another loss in his life because it's all so sad, and I'd like to think he becomes wildly in love with another woman. I fear you must wait for the next book to find out!

    But Uhtred, I can reveal, is extraordinarily grateful for your suggestion that he becomes wildly in love with another woman. About a year or so ago, I wrote to you regarding the representation of that most glorious county of Bedfordshire in your Last Kingdom novels. Now I must say, wonderful though your most recent book, War of the Wolf, was, I couldn't help but feel the lack of 'Bedanfordscir' was an oversight indeed! I trust Uhtred will at some point find himself back there one day?

    Perhaps he might even pass through a little village called 'Weligtone' modern day Willington near Bedford? Just a suggestion, you understand! On a serious note, however, I must congratulate you for how brilliantly War of the Wolf turned out. It never ceases to amaze me that you can turn out such quality storytelling in such short spaces of time.