Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, 1846-1850, Volumes I & II, Complete

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Suppressed account of the French search for a continent towards the South Pole.

Stanley family's collection of ethnographic objects

Tasmania and New Zealand, and the first printed account of Surville's voyage. London: Printed for Alex.

Hogg, at the Kings' Arms, [c. Cook in a million words. Refine search results Skip to search results Search within these results: Go. Gallery View selected List View. Results - of Melbourne: Wilson and Mackinnon, First edition, first issue Octavo, engraved frontispiece and large folding map of Australia; original linen-backed pink printed card boards; bookplate of Captain Frederick Aarons; quarter morocco box. First edition, first of several issues, of the first public printing of Landsborough's journals from the Burke and The people of NSW against transportation Folio, 16 pp.

Four petitions from the people of New South Wales opposing further transportation of convicted felons.

This report opens with a Cook plants, preserving seeds on voyages, and building greenhouses Quarto, with three folding plates, contemporary? A singular work written and published at the cusp of the fashion for exotics, which provides a most interesting overview of the state of play Add An Essay Upon Gardening, containing a catalogue of exotic plants for the stoves and green-houses London: Boydell, Summer habitations in far eastern Russia Handcoloured aquatint, x mm.

Fine view of the island of Cracatoa from Webber's magnificent series of views of the Pacific. This handcoloured aquatint is from the publication Views of the South Seas, and like other views by John London: George Newnes, The Southern Cross expedition: first edition, first issue Octavo, with photogravure portrait frontispiece, three coloured maps folding , 18 plates and numerous photographic illustrations; an excellent copy in the original gilt and silver decorated pictorial cloth, top edge gilt and others uncut.

The very scarce first issue Presentation copy of a rare offprint Octavo, pp. Rare: not recorded by Rosove or Renard, this is an offprint of an account of the Add The voyage of the Scotia… to Wish List. Fly, commanded by Captain F. Blackwood, R. Add Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H. Superb copy of Flinders' great voyage account; with the largest format atlas, and the text volumes inscribed "From the author" Two volumes quarto, and the atlas, elephant folio; the charts in the atlas all in their first issue and in the largest format; nine He remained 3rd Baron Stanley of Alderley until his own death in , when the estate was inherited by Edward Lyulph Stanley , Henry's brother and the third eldest son of Edward John and Henrietta Mary Stanley.

The second eldest son, John Constantine Stanley see on had died in Edward Lyulph Stanley's son, Arthur Lyulph Stanley inherited the estates and titles from his father in His eldest son, Edward John Stanley then inherited the title in on his own father's death, and became 6th Baron Stanley of Alderley.

The Last Voyage (1927)

It is thought that Pitt-Rivers first became acquainted with the Stanley family in when he started to court Alice, though it is possible that the Lane Fox and Stanley families were acquainted before this date and most people of their class, at that time, at least knew of each other.

The Stanleys were described by another relative, Bertrand Russell, as:. All his biographers make the point that it was not only the Stanley family members who were intellectually stimulating, but also their circle of friends and acquaintances which included many of the leading thinkers of the day. Owen Stanley was therefore a cousin of Alice's father, and a second cousin to Alice. This information was taken mostly from his Australian Dictionary of Biography entry see link below which states, 'Stanley's achievements were principally scientific. According to this site , whilst at Port Essington in the Northern Territory of Australia in Owen Stanley designed the set and costumes for the only play ever staged in that place, the comedy Cheap Living by Frederick Reynolds.

Maurice Fox Pitt Lubbock. Her father had been Governor of Victoria, Australia between and According to her book Stanley was 'an unsympathetic character in certain respects, being reserved, self-centred, and violent tempered, yet gifted with many good qualities, who achieved considerable success as a naval surveyor and explorer'.

Voyage of HMS Rattlesnake Vol 2

Ritchie see here. The 4 donated by Lord Stanley in effect are the Stanley collection this page refers to as they are obviously items given by Owen to the head of his family, Edward John Stanley at some point during his lifetime ie up to or else given by his father or other relative after Note that the British Museum online database entries for the following items are incorrect when they suggest that the donor is Edward John Stanley, 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley, as he had died fifty years earlier.

There it is more clearly identified as being donated by Lord Stanley of Alderley though later the catalogue makes the same mistake about that being Edward John Stanley, whilst it is clear it must have been Arthur Lyulph Stanley who was Baron Stanley of Alderley from to The catalogue entry gives an extract from a letter from him:. I believe that the canoe was brought to Alderley early in the nineteenth century by Capt.

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Owen Stanley RN who explored Papua There is no written information at Alderley regarding this canoe and the information I send you in this letter is derived from what I was told by my father. It is not clear why it says probably when it obviously also came from Lord Stanley. It is not clear whether the letter quoted above about the canoe also discusses the house ornament. The other objects were apparently donated direct to the British Museum by Owen Stanley in according to the British Museum database. You can find details of all these items by searching the British Museum online database here and searching for Owen Stanley in the museum provenance field.

These items cannot be said to be considered part of any Stanley ethnographic collection at Alderley. Pitt-Rivers himself seems to have obtained an object field collected by Owen Stanley. It is not clear from the rather rough documentation that survives for founding collection items that are now in the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, whether this item came directly from Owen Stanley to Pitt-Rivers it is improbable that it could as Pitt-Rivers only began his courtship of Alice in and it seems Owen Stanley was in the Pacific at that time until his death two years later.

It seems more likely that the item came via the Stanley family at some date after , possibly in when the British Museum received their Owen Stanley donation. The item in the founding collection from Owen Stanley is:. Obtained by natives by H.

Rattlesnake Aug N Guinea It is also potentially possible that this item was actually field collected by Thomas Henry Huxley who was on the Rattlesnake voyage but the Stanley route seems much more likely. Note that there are other items collected on the HMS Rattlesnake voyages in the Pitt Rivers Museum, these were collected by John Thomson who was the surgeon on board the ship and donated by his son, Arthur Thomson. Presumably the Stanley family might have owned other watercolour paintings by him. He was born in September , nine years after Alice, and died in April He seems to have been a keen and early photographer, other images taken between and in Kalikut Calcutta , India are shown here.

These are all now part of the Metropolitan Museum's collections, acquired as part of Lord and Lady Canning's Album in In the founding collection of the museum at Oxford are objects that might have been collected by Johnny Stanley. Chapman, in his unpublished D. After the end of the Napoleonic Wars she was laid up and then served as a hospital for many years. She was finally broken up in Her commander, M. Chesneau, struck just before Mars was about to fire her first broadside. Rambler was launched at Medford, Massachusetts, in She may have engaged in one voyage as a privateer, but then made a voyage to China as a letter of marque.

Primeros viajes de exploración científica

On that voyage she captured several British merchantmen, at least two of which she released. Rambler returned to the United States in and her subsequent history is currently obscure. Unfortunately, Union was lost off. She made one voyage for the EIC. She was wrecked in while delivering immigrants to Western Australia. Career Rockingham first appeared in the volume of the Register of Shipping with G. Waugh, master, J. Laing, owner, and trade Southampton—India. Vaughn sailed for Fort Saint George on 9 September under a license from the. Rockingham could not ascertain their identities, but believed that the accompanying vessel was a regular ship of the EIC.

Kennersley Castle or Kinnersley Castle , was a merchantman launched in She made several voyages transporting British troops. She also twice transported emigrants from Britain, once to South Africa and then once, most notably because of the subsequent notoriety of her destination, to the at best misguided and at worst fraudulent colony of Poyais. She was wrecked in and her remains were burned in Turner, master, changing to T. Sharp, Temple, owner, and trade London transport. On 7 February Kennersley Castle was sailing from Jamaica to Britain in company with and the transport Retrieve and Pomona when three large Carthaginian privateers chased them off San Domingo.

Al three British ships arrived safely at Plymouth in late March. Alacrity was launched at Newcastle-on-Tyne in She made at least one voyage to New South Wales.