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USD 8. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Precious Bible Promises brings together select passages of the Bible with the succinct analysis of preacher, scholar and doctor of divinity Samuel Clarke. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Fear, grief, death, guilt, doubt, worry, discouragement, and unbelief are all giants that stand in Fear, grief, death, guilt, doubt, worry, discouragement, and unbelief are all giants that stand in the way of God's people.

There is hopelessness to say the least, and we can get distracted by it all and forget that God has View Product. All the Promises of the Bible. Promises You Can Stand On Through Thick and ThinThe Bible is filled with hundreds of what the apostle Peter called exceeding great and precious promises: definite, explicit declarations God has made that you can count on.

In All the Promises The Bible Promise Book, now in a handsome new gift edition. The Bible Promise Book. God's Promises. One of life's few absolutes Whatever the need of the moment, the answer can One of life's few absolutes Whatever the need of the moment, the answer can be found in God's Word.

The Bible Promise Book, a perennial best-seller, includes over one thousand promises from the Bible, arranged alphabetically by topic. Bible Promise Leatherette. Whatever the need of the moment, the answer can be found in God's Word. Bible Promises for Moms. His love to us was wonderful. We still have expressions of His love. The, love of Christ is wonderful in its power. There is its melting power:, We feel confident there is more power in love than in fear.

Fear is a power, but love is a greater power. Some may have been driven into the kingdom by fear, but more have been wooed into it by love. It is said that when the Moravian missionaries first laboured in Greenland a considerable time passed without any fruit being seen to their labour. They had been earnest, truthful, consecrated, and yet there was no result. Anon they gathered the Greenlanders together and read the story of the Lord's death as recorded by Matthew.

The bare recital of the story without any comments upon it had a marked effect upon the Greenlanders. Tears were in many eyes. The love of Christ is wonderful when we remember its melting power. Think, too, of its constraining power. It bends the saint to the will of Christ. It restrains our life from useless aims, and compresses it into the right channel. There is a beautiful Greek story, which may be mythical in its origin, but bears in it a beautiful moral.

It is said a prince, his wife, and two sons were taken prisoners by a neighbouring monarch, and were brought before him. Have only eyes for Him. The realisation of His love will be a power in thy life. No command of his will be grievous.

His love will prove to be wonderful in its constraining power. Christ's love has also a translating power.

Precious Bible Promises (1976, Hardcover)

There seem to be many persons, even good persons, who all their life are held in bondage by the fear of death. The only reason why this is so is that they must fail to understand the power of the love of Christ. What is death?

It is the journey home. You would be glad to go. Apply this to Christ and death.


Jonathan's love to David. Jonathan's was a singular love, because of the pureness of its origin. Jonathan loved David out of great admiration of him. When he saw him come back with the head of Goliath in his hand, he loved him as a soldier loves a soldier, as a brave man loves another brave man. Jonathan's love proved also to be most intense.

Jonathan's was a very intense love.

Jonathan's love was very disinterested. David had been anointed king by Samuel. The kingdom was to be taken from the house of Saul, and given to the house of David. That friendship, in which a man can set himself on one side for the sake of another, is not yet so common that we can hawk it in the streets. Jonathan's love was a love which bore up under all opposition. And this love was very active, for you know how he pleaded for David with his father. He went out into the field, and took counsel with David.

The love of Christ to me. I think that we feel this most when we see our Saviour die. Sit down at the foot of the cross, and look up. Behold that sacred brow with the thorny wreath upon it.

Every believer has God's magnificent promises (God's Precious Promises)

See those blessed eyes, red with weeping; mark those nailed hands, that once scattered benedictions; gaze on those bleeding feet, which hurried on errands of mercy; watch till you can peer into that gaping side, how deep the gash, how wide the breach, see how the water and the blood come streaming forth! This is the Lord of life and glory, who this dies amid derision and scorn, suffering the Just for the unjust, to bring us to God. I think, also, that we sometimes feel the greatest love to dear friends when we find others doing them despite. When David found that Jonathan's body had been dishonoured by the Philistines, that they had taken away the bodies of King Saul and his sons to hang them on the wall of Beth-shan, then was he sorely troubled, and his love broke forth again in sighs, and cries, and tears.

And I must say to-night that I love my Lord all the more because of the insults others heap upon him. Now let me briefly tell the story of that love. Now begin, if you can, to consider the commencement of this love.

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When did God begin to love His own elect? There was a time when He began to make the worlds; but from eternity He has loved His chosen. Before the first flash of light illumined the primeval darkness God loved His people. Christ's love, then, is wonderful in its beginning; and when it began to work on me it was still wonderful, for what did I do?

I refused it. And when Christ's love led Him to come here, and take our nature, was it not wonderful? He reigned enthroned in heaven; seraphim and cherubim gladly did his bidding. He was God, and yet he came down from yonder royal palace to that stable at Bethlehem, and to the manger where the horned oxen fed.