Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies

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This concept is showed in three profit curves strategies Figure 2. The method presented herein measures scientific projects performance exploring distinct aspects or earlier established milestones. The main goal is to reach a pricing proceeding useful for scientific projects managing. Semi-quantitative computational modeling approach. Artificial neural network applied to theory of variable interaction with animate causal diagrams.

These diagrams are graphical tools that enable the visualization of causal relationships between all variables in a determined system. Moreover, this approach provides a systematic interpretation of a causal diagram and permits the creation of models regarding natural and human science.

Distinct levels or states and rates or actions are considered to occur in a determined time-lapse. Despite constant values, both are necessary for the data representation and to integrate the results provide by the system. The variable quantification is calculated through the changing rate that alters a previous value level. On the other hand, levels are also defined by early effects accumulation and can be traced even in a non-activity scenario.

Rather, the developed semi-quantitative model comprises the causal relationships through a specific topology in an artificial environment. This environment is considered as an interactive framework and will be available to be explored by its users. In this context, modeling seems to act as a managing process component.

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Therefore, the pricing of a project is a given variable originated from this semi-quantitative model Figure 3. The project pricing depends on diverse outcomes, such as publication quality, funding, patent registry and others. The modeling stands for project risk analysis simulation represented by possible risk variables characterized in an independent structure or network. Additionally, these project models may interact with other levels of the research grid where different projects are considered to have a common subject interface.

Choosing variables criteria.

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The definitions of the several variables to fulfill distinct levels of the semi-quantitative model are based on important concepts regarding transdisciplinarity. This concept comprehends a scientific approach for the creation of a knowledge unity. It articulates elements and diverse research groups beyond and between the disciplines and integrates new or revised perspectives into our ways of thinking.

These variables comprise not only the professional or technical skills of a person, but include personnel character attributes as well as tacit knowledge compounds.

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Other set of variable types are related with established milestones involving crucial parts of a project to accomplish its objectives. Lastly, an acute interface among these defined levels and possible interactions between projects pertaining to different research groups are also considered by the system. Innovation for Development. Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry; Corporate foresight at the strategicresearch institutes.

Recent Developments in Foresight Technology. Qualitative futures research for innovation. Delft: Eburon Academic Publishers; The involvement of middle management in strategy development - Development and implementation of a foresight-based approach. Regionalny Foresight Gospodarczy. Metodologia i instrumentarium badawcze [Regional Economic Foresight.

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Problemy Eksploatacji ; A challenge of integrating technology foresight and assessment in industrial strategy development and policymaking. Directorate-General for Research; Istota, struktura i planowanie [Production potential of the company. The essence, structure and planning]. In: Bontis N, editor. System of a complex assessment of technological innovative solutions. A taxonomic review of methods and tools applied in technology assessment.

Application of the complex technology assessment system for product development. In: Galbraith B. Hybrydowy model technologicznego foresightu jednostki badawczej [Hybrid model of technological foresight of a research organisation], PhD thesis. The IC Rating. Procedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences ; Innovation and organizational change: developments towards an interactive process perspective.

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Technology Analysis and Strategic Management ;12 4 An integrated innovation process model based on practices of Australian biotechnology firms. Technovation ; Abstract of research paper on Economics and business, author of scientific article — Beata Poteralska Abstract The paper presents examples of attempts undertaken by scholars and practitioners to combine the foresight methodology with other tools aimed at supporting the decision-making processes.

The Case of Poland. Assessing the maturity level of foresight in Polish companies—a regional perspective. Peer-review under responsibility of the organizing committee of EPPM Keywords: decision making;foresight; innovation; intellectual capital measurement; technology assessment 1.

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Cuhls, S. Ducatel, P. Georgehiou, T. Gordon, H.

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Marchau, G. Massari, I.