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I am excited for this book! So excited for this book! Love this series! Love her! Oh me too! She is one of my favorite authors to read! Share Your Thoughts! Cancel reply Enter your comment here In Teresa Edgerton 's The Grail and the Ring , it is revealed that Mochdreff has been politically unstable for centuries largely due to the land having been cursed due to the sins of its last ruling prince. He committed an action so terrible that every single member of his family changed their names and refused to take up the sovereignty — although only people like Dame Ceinwen remember even that much of the story, and nobody remembers the specifics.

Ever since, there have been Lords of Mochdreff rather than rulers styling themselves princes, until finally, due to the lack of a clear heir to the previous Lord, Prince Tryffin was appointed Royal Governor and took it upon himself to try to clean up the matter once and for all by getting to the bottom of the curse.

In the Sword of Truth series, the Rahl family line, for several generations, have been warmongering psychopaths. The protagonist is, depending on the reader, either an exception or adhering to the rule. This, coupled with the fact that the Egyptian gods are basically so obsessed with ritual that they've become willingly comatose , made the country weak and unstable enough for the Amazons to take over.

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Hodgell's Chronicles of the Kencyrath , the house of Knorth, from which the ruling Highlords come, has what appears to be an inherited tendency toward madness. Torisen, the current Highlord, is terrified of what lurks in his bloodlines, and of becoming like his father and grandfather.

Inbreeding and deliberate breeding for Shanir magical traits is probably responsible. Redwall 's Marlfoxes.

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The mother Silth is a raving maniac, her youngest is a sneak who deliberately feeds her mother's paranoia in order to weasel or fox? Particular mention is made of Mad King Alain, who was truly a raving and unstable lunatic but did his people the favor of dying quickly — he decided to go outside and play games on the lawn during a raging thunderstorm lunatic, remember?

The Argaven kings of Karhide in Ursula K. This seems to be accepted as part of the nature of kings on Gethen. The page quote comes from A Song of Ice and Fire , in which the royal Targaryen line is said to be blessed with greatness as much as it is cursed with madness, in part due to centuries of inbreeding to keep the " Blood of Old Valyria " pure. It started with the first Targaryen king, who was a great man but unfortunately married and had children with both of his sisters a family tradition ; from there on out it's been a crapshoot.

The line has produced many able warriors, statesmen, and scholars as well as a rogue's gallery of tyrants and psychopaths.

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Some Targaryens begin quite noble and lose their grip on sanity as they age, such as King Aerys II — by the end of his reign, he was known as King Aerys the Mad, and in the end his excesses sparked a revolt that toppled the dynasty. Daenerys, the only POV character with Targaryen blood so far as we know , seems more sound of mind than her relatives, but is a bit delusional and idealistic, and would do well to take the advice of those around her. The books give us only one normal Targaryen two if you count Jon Snow — Maester Aemon, as even the much liked Rhaegar was bipolar and had delusions of grandeur.

Jaime and Cersei's parents were first cousins. Cersei is a paranoid schemer who eventually engineers her own downfall, and Joffrey, her son was sadistic and unstable and had to be put down by Littlefinger and the Tyrells. Hopefully averted with Prince Tommen and Princess Myrcella, who are both perfectly sweet children Well, the incest might be a factor and, those who believe Stannis will no doubt jump on that explanation. However, Joffrey really didn't have a chance: his mother both spoiled and smothered him as well as refused to let anybody else educate him His father, although not exactly abusive, was both distant and neglectful.

Anybody else who could have stepped in to discipline or direct him were either chased off Maesters or never spotted the problem until far too late Grandfather, Father-by-blood and Uncle. The Targaryen madness is, in truth, highly overrated. Live Action TV. Emperor Cartagia was as bad as any fiction-version of Caligula , and apparently modeled after him. Interestingly, the position of Emperor does not seem to be connected to any individual line for more than a few generations; it appears to be totally normal for the Centauri nobles to hand the throne to a new House even though the old imperial house still exists Londo rules as Mollari II, as one of his ancestors had held the throne once.

This presumably means that Cartagia's madness was a relatively rare occurrence in his House — rather as the Julio-Claudians only had two Emperors who could be called insane Caligula and Nero , only one of whom Caligula was totally bonkers Nero, while an awful ruler, was not totally incompetent; he was just very young when he took the throne, too obsessed with drama—in both senses—and not very well brought up. Doctor Who : "Tooth and Claw" strongly implies that eventually the British Royal family might become werewolves.

However at the time Victoria had already had all her children, and the Doctor is on good terms with HM The Queen , so it was clearly a joke. Also discussed in the episode is Victoria being a carrier of hemophilia, despite it not being in her family previously, and how it's a bona fide historical mystery although there are some theories, though none of them involve Victoria getting a splinter from a wolf attack. Game of Thrones : The show implies this is caused by inbreeding in the Targaryen and Lannister family lines, in as little as one generation.

Technically the Lannister case isn't a single generation; Jaime and Cersei are first generation sibling incest, but their parents were first cousins. And since no particular fuss is made over that fact, it can be assumed that cousin incest is not uncommon in the Lannister family. Cersei and Jaime were far from the first incestuous pairing in the family, but they were probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Furthermore, they're both unpleasant people though Jaime is trying to be less unpleasant , and their son Joffrey's complete personal monstrosity seems to combine the worst aspects of each.

His siblings Myrcella and Tommen, on the other hand, are perfectly reasonable people though Tommen is an Extreme Doormat who wind up being Too Good for This Sinful Earth thanks to Cersei's machinations, leading to the end of their house.


Furthermore, though not crazy, all of the Lannisters mentioned except Kevan have issues. Tytos had a desire to please that made him a doormat, Tywin sees people as tools for his work, as mentioned above the twins are unpleasant, Tyrion is an alcoholic dwarf with terrible family relations, Lancel is a zealot, and there is one who just smashes beetles while screaming crunk. In later Targaryen generations, some were born with moderate to severe mental defects, or "feeble-witted".

Even their physical health was eventually effected, with several being intellectually and emotionally normal but possessing such fragile health that they suffered from numerous ailments and died young. Selyse is blatantly unstable, due to the trauma of so many stillbirths and her inability to produce a male heir for Stannis.

Writer Bryan Cogman confirmed that the reason she became the first person on Dragonstone to embrace the new Lord of Light religion even before Stannis is because she couldn't process that the Seven would let her unborn sons die, so like many people in traumatic situations, she fanatically embraced a new religion.

Even the normally stoic Stannis pities how deeply traumatized she is about their stillborn sons, insisting that it wasn't her fault when she starts blaming herself. A lot of tension surrounding the Succession Crisis in Merlin is based on this trope. It's revealed in series three that the Pendragon men have a history of mental illness, one which King Uther ultimately succumbs to after his arguably Ax-Crazy illegitimate daughter betrays him and takes the throne.

Invoked in The Musketeers , when after outwitting some depraved noblemen, Aramis says "Centuries of inbreeding is making the aristocracy taps the side of head stupid. Kryten explains the problem of having an entire society descended from Rimmer and his clones by drawing comparisons with European monarchies of the 19th and 20th centuries. The actual leader of the planet seems to be an example himself.

Like in the comics, Preacher has the descendant of Jesus, who is incredibly mentally impaired due to literally millennia of inbreeding. Cavalier of the Abyss , the sequel to Immortal Regis has an example in the royal family presided by Nexus Nex, the Rogue Protagonist of the original series. Also doubles also as a Big, Screwed-Up Family. Nex is a cold, jaded tyrant with a sadistic side who massacres villages on a regular bases, doesn't even blink when Xix threatens to kill his son's fiance, and has Serin, previously his one true love, tied up in an eternal nightmare.

Nex is convinced that he's surrounded by people who want to use or back-stab him. And he's right. Serin is locked in a box, heavily sedated, and subjected to an eternal nightmare, punishment for a major betrayal that has yet to come to light. Nex, however, cannot bring himself to killing her. Which of Nex's children she did or did not give birth to while running away from him are a major plot point.

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Implied for Siana, Ninurta, and Xix so far. Nex has practical reason of not killing her. As undead he needs her blood from his necromancer aka Serin.

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Confirmed by Nex himself. Caladbolg, supposed God of Chaos who possesses and continues to identify as Jae-Hoon, Nex's little brother. Due to this, a large plot point is how there's no clear distinction between both personalities. Even though he is the Big Bad he comes off far more compassionate than Nex, acting as a foil. Later it is shown he has taken Siana under his wing, who he confirms is his niece.

And that is without bringing up the Incest Subtext between the two brothers Iffrita, Nex's wife and the queen, once sweet and a total ditz, now a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. She secretly hates the Demon clan for executing her mother as a political pawn, it's implied that she manipulated the events that led to Serin's internment and the razing of the Banaan village, and in court she's constantly maneuvering to get herself as close to Nex as possible.

She may or may not have taken Ninurta from Serin and implanted her own traits to pass him off as her son. Ninurta Noah , the prince and purportedly the son of Nex and Iffrita, although Nex is said to have accepted him without actually checking if this is true; it's implied he's actually the son of the queen and Mikhail Noah, as he bears little resemblance to his father.

Nex is not that fond of him , and when he is captured by a dragon-bourn Siana, Nex orders his men to fire at him and declares him a traitor when he defends himself to survive.