South Africa’s Destabilisation of Zimbabwe, 1980–89

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Maseru massacre of 9th December Mazimba, Reddy, — Mazimba, Reddy, Mlonyeni, Maxwell, — Mlonyeni, Maxwell, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, National Youth Secretariat, , , Notebooks, n.

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Outstanding import duties, Pola, Pila, — Regional Political Committee, — , — Regional Treasurer, Sipho Nhlapo, , Repatriation and sanctuary action, Repatriation, Requests, — Residential permits, SACTU, Secretary for health, Manto Tshabalala, , South African Trade Mission, Telexes, , — Transport, n.

Visitors to the Mission Office, — Xuma, Kingsley, , — Youth seminar, Zimbabwe ministry of foreign affairs, , National Working Committee, Office Minutes, —, Bereavement, message of condolences on the occasion of the memorial service of Templeton Ntantala Joint statements, — Statement on the assassination of Bheki Mlangeni, Speech of the H.

The African National Congress

Newspaper-clippings, n. Amandla Cultural Ensemble ANC Community in Zimbabwe, — Department of Arts and Culture, —, Department of Education, — Heritage Insurance: Company of Zimbabwe Office reports, , Parliamentary Debates, 8 March Pubic Relations and Social Welfare, , — Project proposal, Regional Political Committee, , — Report on professional bodies, April Research project for South African Women, n.

Swazi Police on Rampage Trials, Correspondence of the Chief Representative n.

South Africa's Destabilization of Zimbabwe, 1980-89

Correspondence of the Chief Representative — Correspondence of the Chief Representative Correspondence of the Chief Representative, — Correspondence of the Department of Arts and Culture Correspondence of the Department of Education Correspondence of the Department of Health , Correspondence of the Department of International Affairs Correspondence of the Department of Legal and Constitutional Affairs , Correspondence of the Department of Manpower and Human Development Correspondence of the Department of Political Education Correspondence of the Foreign Affairs Department Correspondence of the Immigration Office Correspondence of the Logistic Committee, — Correspondence of the President of the ANC Correspondence of the Regional Treasurer — Correspondence of the Social Welfare Department Correspondence of the Thebe Investment Company Correspondence re ANC pioneer organisation Correspondence re Department of Education, Correspondence re different embassies I , n.

Correspondence re different embassies II , Correspondence re different embassies III , Correspondence re different embassies IV , Correspondence re different embassies V , Correspondence re Imbisa refugee service, — Correspondence re Regional Women League, Correspondence to the ANC President, Correspondence to the Chief Representative, Correspondence with ANC donors Correspondence with Embassies and High Commissions of other countries Correspondence with SIDA Correspondence with the Ghana High Commission Correspondence with the High Commission of Pakistan Correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Harare General correspondence of the ANC office in Harare Regional Office, correspondence addressed to Sipho Nhlapho , Diary I , Diary II of Nombulelo Mlonyeni, Dairy III , ANC Documents, Conferences and seminars A, Discussion paper on the Economic implications of Sanctions against S.

Discussion papers by Joe Slovo and others Discussion papers of the International Seminar on Southern African responses to Imperialism, Draft discussion document on sanctions, Electoral Systems: A critical survey, occasional paper by Kadar Asmal Presentation on Housing, Land and Services, Southern Africa Research and Development Centre Testimony of multinational panel regarding lawful control of demonstrations in RSA, Budget Allocation n.

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Financial Records December August Financial Records February Financial Records February December Financial Records January May Financial Records July December Financial Records June September Financial Records n. Financial Statements of the Imbisa Refugee services Statements of Accounts Statements of income and expenditure, ANC Unit Meetings Circulars, Zimbabwe has deployed defence forces on a number of occasions to achieve this goal.

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It deployed troops to protect the Beira Corridor in Mozambique and to counteract South African destabilisation initiatives in In , Zimbabwe intervened in the Democratic Republic of Congo to safeguard geopolitical and economic interests in the spirit of Pan-Africanism—much to the chagrin of the West. However, while Zimbabwe has taken active steps to safeguard its sovereignty and pursue both its geopolitical and economic interests, in the s it bowed to Western pressure and implemented structural adjustment programs at the behest of the International Monetary Fund IMF.

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Zimbabwe has also historically been an active participant in multilateral fora and a supporter of Pan-Africanism, good international citizenship, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. These include those in Angola, Somalia, Uganda and Rwanda in the s; and during the mediation efforts in Mozambique and Angola. In the s, Zimbabwe subsequently had an overtly socialist outlook, one driven by the need to redistribute wealth in a country where a white minority enjoyed much higher standards of living than the black majority, by virtue of holding most of the arable land.

The Fast Track Land Reform Program , indigenisation, and black economic empowerment policies are, arguably, a continuation of this outlook. Zimbabwe: Injustice and Political Reconciliation.

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Gukurahundi Ideology. Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo of Zimbabwe.

Healing the Wounds of Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe. Without Honour.