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Are we to disbelieve everyone?

General Tells Donald Trump To Keep Quiet About 'Wired' Border Wall And Tweeters Go Loud

Are we to trust with reckless abandon? As with many things, a " golden mean " approach, between both extremes, is probably best. That is, just as we check ourselves from letting our guards down too expediently with people we don't know — whose patterns we haven't yet made sense of — it's also important to check ourselves when we realize we're not giving others a proper chance. Can we trust this person with information about us? If they know certain facts or feelings we share, will they use that information to harm us or to help us? Until we know conclusively that a person is a friend, not foe, we'll keep the wall up.

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It's also important to keep tabs on the fact that not everyone is out to intentionally hurt us — Thupten Jinpa, the chief English translator of the Dalai Lama, even avers kindness is a fundamental human trait. Yes, even among constantly warring, ruddy-faced humankind.

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We would, indeed, cease to exist, as a eusocial species, if we didn't, at endless points of our evolution, take care of one another. On top of this, even in the face of attacks from others, we're capable of remarkable degrees of resiliency.

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All of this said, yes, be aware of when your walls are up, but also be vigilant to assess when the glimmering gates can be opened. It's a risk — many things are — but it's one worth taking. Our perpetuity depends on it.

Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies Become an intellectual explorer: Master the art of conversation. Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies Why pitting prejudices against each other keeps society free. Sponsored by Charles Koch Foundation Without academic freedom, we might never see the truth. What is 'the wall'?

Beyond the Wall - Libeskind

Appraising a ubiquitous feature among modern folk. Photo credit: Andrew Neel on Unsplash. In uncertain social situations, we tend to defend ourselves by putting a psychological "wall" up. For those who are very cautious, people who engage with them may feel an outright "dismissal. Strange Maps.

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  • Pink Floyd's The Wall: The secrets behind 's best-selling album | Louder.
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