Theodor W. Adorno: An Introduction (Post-Contemporary Interventions)

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The reception of Adorno in Britain and America has largely focused on Negative Dialectics and Aesthetic Theory, late works which accepted the tragedy of an ongoing betrayal of Marxism in the Soviet Union and an ongoing capitalism in the West.

Martin Hielscher. Adorno and Aesthetic Theory. 2009 1/7

Hence those Adorno ites who emphasize optimism of the will rather than pessimism of the intellect i. The publicati…. Nor is he suggesting that philosophy should abandon its eforts to produce conceptual responses to scientiic issues. On the contrary!

Marx, Grundrisse, pp. Adorno , Critical Models: Interventions and Catchwords, trans. Theodor W. Edited by Christoph Ziermann. Buy Now From Wiley. Table of Contents. About the Author.

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Theodor Adorno , a prominent member of the Frankfurt School, was one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century in the areas of social theory, philosophy and aesthetics. Show More. Reviews "Despite Adorno's abiding suspicion of easy communicability, he was fully capable of explaining complex ideas lucidly and accessibly, never more so than in the lecture hall. There can be few concepts that demand as much careful exposition as 'dialectics,' whose multiple uses and frequent abuses have frustrated countless attempts to render it comprehensible.

Still fewer exponents of dialectical thought have been as skilled in unpacking its meaning, while at the same time performatively demonstrating its virtues, as Adorno.

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The challenge to which he responds is that of wresting conceptual thinking from its narcissistic tendencies, as outlined in Dialectics of Enlightenment. Adorno's effort to turn thinking inside-out by revealing the affective origin of its transformative potential, remains his most enduring legacy.

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